Pass an ANC Resolution

Citizens across DC are organizing to make sure their voices are heard in DC government by enacting DC Fair Elections, to make it possible for candidates to run without owing any favors to big donors. Residents are using the following toolkit to reach out to their local Civic Association or ANC Commissioners one-on-one and ask them to pass a resolution calling for the DC Council to act.

Below are all the documents you need to reach out to your neighborhood-level representatives and ask them to get on board, as well as answer questions that might come up. Email Zach Weinstein for help with tough questions. We recommend that once you’ve gotten the ANC Commissioners or Civic Association leadership to agree to take up the issue a meeting, reach out to us in order to coordinate turnout and to help ensure policy experts are able to testify.

ANCs 2A, 3E, 3F, 3/4G, 4D, 5D have already passed a resolution, but we still need folks to reach out to the Civic Associations in many of these areas.